Chinese Herbology

Chinese Herbology is the use of carefully composed herbal formulas to restore energetic balance within a person. These substances come from a vast pharmacopeia including minerals, plant and animal substances. There are literally thousands of substances used medicinally throughout Chinese Medicine. Even within a particular substance the ancient Chinese recognized the different therapeutic value of different parts of a plant or animal for instance. They also knew that the different preparation or cooking technique would have a distinct impact on the behavior of the herb as well. Formulas can be taken in different forms. The first is by making a soup (decoction) from dried or raw herbs and drinking the broth. The second is to take a granulated powder which is stirred into warm water and drank. These granules are made from a pre-decocted formula which has been dessicated into the powder. The third choice is in pill form. Chinese herbal formulas have been in use for thousands of years and these classic formulas have been preserved with extensive study and understanding of both the effects on the patient and any potential contraindications. The ancient Chinese rarely used single herbs because by combining herbs carefully one can emphasize the desired quality of one herb while reducing less desirable qualities thereby preventing harmful side effects with a harmonious more effective formula. The classical formulas of Chinese Medicine are nothing less than precious jewels designed and tried over centuries. Herbal formulas are used for a limitless number of situations both taken internally or applied externally. They can be used for chronic or acute problems of all sorts, to address a current issue or in some cases as a preventative. In China today some formulas are even introduced via IV injection.